Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cement Boots

It occurred to me the other evening that I've been busy busy busy with a number of projects and as such we're behind a story or two. The past few months have seen me sheparding my long-term baby to completion while moonlighting as a photographer and getting very little sleep. However, all this effort is paying dividends this fall. I have entered two photography contests, one of which I was shortlisted for. Very exciting, in deed. And, I'm happy to report that evenings are now a bit freer so service shall resume shortly.

I hope you'll take this opportunity to voice your opinion on which three of the following six images best immortalize travel photography to you. (Images are posted in order shot over the past 8 months, NOT my personal preference.) As you can see, I've stuck with Scotland as my destination and tried to choose one iconic image, one human interest image, and one landscape (although most know I excel at landscapes).

Edinburgh Castle after the Storm, February 2007

Speyside Steamer, Glenlivitt Distillery, May 2007

Steel Drummer from Edinburgh Military Tattoo, August 2007

Ben Lawers, Killin, August 2007

Gullane Point, East Lothian, August 2007

Eyemouth looking towards Coldingham and St. Abbs Head, August 2007