Saturday, October 21, 2006

"Life is...

what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
- John Lennon, from 'Beautiful Boy'

There is truth in John Lennon’s woefully understated advice to his son, Julian.

After spending the better part of three months at leaving dos for mates and coworkers, I find myself reflecting on the passage of time. When I arrived on the soggy shores of Scotland five years ago, I had a simple objective – see the world on someone else’s tab. Well, ok, it was actually to complete a PhD in 3 years without teaching undergraduates, on a secure salary, with six weeks vacation. What could be better for a girl born under a wandering star?

True to form, almost everything went wrong. Rather, life took over while I was busy making high-flying plans. Having always found solace in adventuring, I’ve spent the time meandering through life, discovering how small our world is, and challenging my opinions through experience. And, as always, you’ve come along for the journey either as companions or tucked inside my camera case.

As much as I dislike the invasiveness of the digital era, (Will children remember what paper and pencils are in a generation?), its time to bite the bullet and replace hand-written letters and real photographs with this chronicle of my adventures. I hope to share these adventures, both in Edinburgh as well as further a field, once a fortnight. So, pull up a comfy chair and a wee dram as the adventures of the roaming gnome continue…

(image courtesty of travelocity)

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