Monday, January 29, 2007


Dearest Readership,

Just a brief note... I've upgraded 'The Roaming Gnome' (as required by Blogger). In the process I've made a couple of improvements.

You'll now find:
1) Links to some of my mates sites & the wider world;
2) Anti-spamming security (sorry to those who don't want to register to comment); and
3) Listing in the Blogger registry.

This last point is helpful if you'd like to know when I've posted or others have commented as you can have an e-mail sent directly to you.

Finally, I've gotten many e-mails asking why there are no pictures of me on my site. Many of you will remember I don't have my picture taken; I am artist not subject. Actually, there is a slightly more practical reason (besides detouring my current stalkers ha ha ha). In all my travels and tales, I have observed that people enjoy the experiences more if they can imagine themselves in the midst of the action. How would they feel? What would they do? Posting my ugly mug cements that memory in your head with me, rather than possibly you in the future. So, for continued, and purely selfish reasons, there will not be no change in this policy. I want you all to have the opportunities to explore this great big planet...

Adventurously yours, The Roaming Gnome

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