Thursday, March 15, 2007


Luckily, K is as adventurous as I am. So, when I suggested a quick walk around the Museum of Florida History as a means of staying dry during a sudden deluge she said, “You know, I’ve never been in there.” An hour’s diversion quickly expanded to the remainder of the afternoon when we stumbled upon the 25th Annual Capital City Quilt Show.

I recently learned that over twenty million Americans quilt. So, for my Mum...

These Celtic Flamingos won "Best in Show."

K's favorite. The fabric for this quilt was hand-dyed by the quilters husband.

A bit traditional, but I liked it.

Entitled "Fire and Ice," this past winner definitely makes you pause and appreciate the craftsmanship.

These octopi are actually all one piece of fabric (cut like we used to cut paper snowflakes in grade school). Impressive.

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