Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Inspiration revisited

Memo: A departure from the travelogue for a few minutes as I work on my digital photography skills.

This digital photography stuff has a steep learning curve...

It took me a little over six months of research before I could stomach handing my shiny VISA card to the clerk at Ritz Camera in exchange for my Nikon D80 in mid-January. Sadly, I've learned my hand isn't as steady as I thought; too much coffee I suppose. But, the first few outings have produced a couple of nice images. (As all aspiring photographers will know - it is about shooting and learning, not about mass pr
oduction. The more you shoot, the more you learn.)

Of course, then there is the computer end of this proposition. Working on a 'church mouse's' budget has taken a bit of finesse. Faint-heart never won fair-maiden... After some careful tap-dancing, I 'acquired' the required software to stitch panoramas as well as PS CS2. Now if I only knew how to use it... Think think think...

All in all, its been a labor of love... as one's hobby should always be. Honestly, if this had been my job, I probably would have called tech support hours ago. But, its off hours, poking around has been a welcome change to the grind of PhD data analysis.

So, now that the UK Blogger interface is fully functionally again here's my first assembled image! (Those of you unfamiliar with the headache are lucky -- Virgin Media re-branded Telewest the last week of February and most of the
UK has been without Blogspot since.)

What do you think? (Wandering Vet, can you find the seam?)

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Hermes said...

Looks like the Virgin Media problem was down to Blogger not allowing through a new IP range. Their newsgroups suggest it might be fixed.