Monday, April 21, 2008


Greetings from the Selinos region of Crete!

Sorry for the delay (and equally information-less post). When I struck out from Rethymnon, I headed south-southwest where the internet is slow to reach. I'm actually using the managers computer at a bar called the Lotus to post to you - hence the brevity!

Apparently, I'm on the edge of being a hippie based on my holiday destinations... but more on that another evening. I'm catching a ferry shortly and should have a post or two for you tomorrow while I'm doing some rather boring chores.

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Philip said...

your adventures sound like fun i wish i were there with you and not in school, but i can't just dich. the places sound like fun and the trips that you have had just to get there would be an adventure, to say the least. have lots of fun for me. see lots, and play.