Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Its All Greek To Me

Time seems to have been at a premium these past few days... As some will recall from the fall, my aunt and uncle hit the road and explored some of the 'Big Sky' states in the US. Seems they are off again, this time destined for the deep South. For a bit of Americana, check out: On The Road Again.

Happily, I'm off to practice one of my favorite phrases while pondering huge piles of of rocks (I mean, ruins), wild flowers, and beaches. I hope this map will serve as a taster of my destination(s) over the next few weeks.

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Sadly, Aberdeenshire and London-town piccies will have to wait until I return.

Next stop - Athens.


Philip said...

hi sorry i haven't comment much just had a lot to do. i wish i could be with you right now. i don't want to go to school tomarow, it will just be a drag. i hope you have a lot of fun i will keep looking forward to your blog. ohhh. i almost forgot the update info for this goes to my spam box. just felt that i should tell you.

ScienceMel said...

You can train your e-mail to not make the update spam you know???